What is the Cost?

Most health insurance plans are fixed, meaning there's little flexibility. The Smartin Benefits Plan is flexible and allows you and your employees to spend your health care dollars on what's important to each of you. Our Plan works best for Small Business Owners with few employees. In many cases the employees are also the business owners and include the immediate family.

What is the Cost?

  • A one-time Enrolment fee of $99 (no taxes) for new plans,
  • Low 5% Administration Fee on claims, plus applicable taxes,
  • No hidden costs,
  • No monthly premiums!

If the grand total of your claim is less than $100, a $10 Administration fee, instead of 5%, will be charged.

What is a PHSP?

A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) is a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) approved health services plan for Canadian Business owners that allow them to expense medical and dental costs through their company. This is a simple, cost-effective way to provide flexible health care benefits to your employees with huge tax savings.

Our PHSP Benefits?

  • There is no age limit or health questionnaire,
  • Low cost alternative to traditional insured plans,
  • All approved health claims are a non-taxable benefit to your employees,
  • The Smartin Benefits Plan is funded entirely by your business using before-tax money,
  • All business costs associated with the PHSP are a 100% tax write-off,
  • Our PHSP can also be used as a top-up if you already have a traditional employee group health insurance plan.

Our Commitment

  • Smartin Benefits offers a CRA approved PHSP for business owners. We fully review each claim item for eligibility and compliance under tax rules.
  • We present a simple, cost-effective and tax-efficient plan for business owners. Our fees are among the lowest, and we will waive it entirely if you are moving from another provider.
  • We process all claims fast and efficiently to ensure reimbursements are issued in a timely manner. Direct deposit payment is available to all employees if they choose.
  • We are committed to help business owners and their employees maximize their PHSP potential.
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