Smartin Benefits Claim Process

At Smartin Benefits, we value your time. That is why we have designed this simple and efficient claim process.

Step 1 - Pay

Employee (Plan Member) receives medical service:

  • Pays for medical expenses out of pocket,
  • Obtains original receipt(s) from medical service provider.

Step 2 - Claim

Employee (Plan Member) does the following:

  • Completes the Smartin Benefits Plan claim form
    (links on the side),
  • Attaches the original receipt(s),
  • Submits above paperwork to Employer.

Step 3 - Submit

Employer (Plan Owner) sends the following to Smartin Benefits:

  • Smartin Benefits Plan claim form,
  • Copies of medical expense receipts,
  • Company cheque or bank transfer to cover cost: Medical expense + Administrative fee on Medical expense + GST/HST.

Step 4 - Reimburse

Smartin Benefits does the following:

  • Fully reviews each and every claim item for eligibility and compliance under CRA tax rules,
  • Provides the employee with a tax-free reimbursement of the medical expense incurred,
  • Sends the Employer a tax receipt for the full expense and the administration fee to claim as a business expense.

Claim Forms

Use the Smartin Benefits Plan Claim Forms to claim eligible medical expenses.

External Links to CRA

It is important to always use the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a reference point.

View or Download our Process

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