Smartin Benefits Claim Process

At Smartin Benefits, we value your time. That is why we have designed this simple and efficient claim process.

Step 1 - Pay

Employee (Plan Member) receives medical service:

  • Pays for medical expenses out of pocket,
  • Obtains original receipt(s) from medical service provider.

Step 2 - Claim

Employee (Plan Member) does the following:

  • Completes the Smartin Benefits Plan claim form
    (links on the side),
  • Attaches a copy of each receipt(s),
  • Submits above paperwork to Employer.

Step 3 - Submit

Employer (Plan Owner) sends the following to Smartin Benefits:

  • Smartin Benefits Plan claim form,
  • Copies of medical expense receipts,
  • Company cheque or bank transfer to cover cost: Medical expense + Administrative fee on Medical expense + GST/HST.

Step 4 - Reimburse

Smartin Benefits does the following:

  • Fully reviews each and every claim item for eligibility and compliance under CRA tax rules,
  • Provides the employee with a tax-free reimbursement of the medical expense incurred,
  • Sends the Employer a tax receipt for the full expense and the administration fee to claim as a business expense.

Claim Forms

Use the Smartin Benefits Plan Claim Forms to claim eligible medical expenses.

Additional Notes for Working with PDF Files:
  • The built-in PDF Viewers for some browsers may not allow the form to calculate the amounts correctly. Download a copy of the PDF file to your computer (Right-click the link and choose [Save target as] or [Save link as...]). Then use a PDF reader to open and complete the form.
  • Modern PDF readers will warn you when opening some PDF files. For the Smartin Benefits Claim form to work correctly, you should [Enable All Features] or [Enable all JavaScript actions] when prompted.

External Links to CRA

It is important to always use the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a reference point.

View or Download our Process

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