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Smartin Benefits, provides health and dental coverage in the form of a Private Health Services Plan to small business owners and their employees. At the same time the small business can enjoy substantial tax savings and the employees a non-taxable benefit!

As a small business owner in Canada, health coverage is extremely important. Health and dental expenses for preventative health care, unexpected medical procedures, and various forms of dental work are a part of life. Employees of larger companies normally have group health insurance plans to help cover these costs. Small business owners don't usually have this luxury, but don't worry, we can help!

What Clients Say

The team at Smartin Benefits is amazing! They are very friendly, helpful and super-efficient! As a small business professional, a PHSP is the only way to go and nobody beats Smartin Benefits in both client service and in their low admin fees. I highly recommend them to my own small business clients and associates.

John Feldcher Financial Advisor, Wise Wealth Management

Thanks as always for the quick response and support. Smartin has been a great option for small business owners like me who don't want to pay exorbitant premiums for mediocre benefits that I won't fully utilize. We've used Smartin for 5 years + now and you guys have been great.

Jeremy Business Owner

I have had a few people ask how I have gone about the PHSP and the response is often: "Are you sure that is legal"? My response is: "Of course it is, as my accountant is as straight as they come and only does things by the tax code.

Brad Dow CFP Financial Advisor, Armstrong & Quaile Associates

My business experience with Smartin Benefits was highly professional. Linda, was extremely helpful, professional, timely, and accurate in all the transactions. I would highly recommend this company.

Theresa Mclaughlin Business Owner

I am a family physician and set up an initial PHSP with Smartin Benefits a year ago. I have 3 employees and my dealings with Smartin over the past year have been great. The setup process was very simple, claim submission very straightforward with the option of paper or electronic submissions. The processing and return payments from Smartin by direct deposit has been extremely prompt in every case. Linda has been available at very short notice to answer any questions I had over the year. My first year with them has been flawless and I look forward to many more years of working with them.

Gerard Desmond MD CCFP Swan Lake Medical Clinic, Manitoba